Alternative Fuels

Our staff and consultants offer extensive and active experience in evaluating the use of alternative fuels and converting a vehicle fleet from gasoline or diesel to an alternative fuel. Our expertise with all related engineering challenges provides for cost-effective and efficient conversion planning.

PEC’s alternative fuels team analyzes vehicle mileage and fueling characteristics to efficiently size the engineering components of both fast- and slow-fill CNG fueling facilities and the required storage for other alternative fuels. Our fleet assessment report optimizes the transition process to ensure a fleet takes advantage of available and appropriate incentives. We analyze fueling facility configurations and logistic scenarios to provide a thorough review of capital costs, fuel savings, and payback periods.

Our comprehensive analysis and planning includes an overview assessment of all alternate fuels and an estimate of the volume of emission pollutants eliminated by the conversion, as well as a regulatory and financial evaluation. We also provide financing-related services, such as lease purchase, bond election, and grant assistance. PEC’s comprehensive planning and design approach ensure a coordinated and fiscally-responsible conversion program.

For the last 15 years, PEC has worked on fleet alternative fuel projects.