Coastal and Marine Structures, Levees

PEC has historically been involved in the planning and design of coastal shoreline protection projects and the preparation of Drainage Master Plans and basin planning assessments.

Our wetland and coastal project experience covers all elements of drainage work:

  • Environmental assessment and permitting

  • Coastal and marine agency coordination

  • Relevant permitting and approval

  • Hydraulic studies

  • Drainage hydraulic improvement design

  • Utility relocation and upgrade

  • Preliminary planning and design

  • Final design

Additionally, we work closely with contractors to determine relevant dredging and shoreline protection costs and coastline work concerns.

We offer significant historical knowledge of Louisiana’s coastal Parish developments and proposed future plans for infrastructure work, such as those associated with the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP). Our existing relationships with many of southeast Louisiana’s key Parish administrative staff provide our thorough understanding of their procedures for moving capital improvement projects toward implementation.

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