Grant Administration

Since 1969, PEC has provided grant administration services to clients throughout the southeastern United States. Our services include environmental reviews, administration of government grants and loans, and construction management. We have effectively provided both administrative and engineering services for programs such as water, wastewater, and road development.

Our experience in the administration of government grants for various types of projects enables PEC to ensure that a project is undertaken and completed within the prescribed time frame. We remain current with U.S. Environmental Quality (EPA) and Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) rules and regulations, and have been involved in the LCDBG program since 1985. 

PEC has an in-house grant writer who provides grant administration services and coordinates with engineering staff who possess an exceptional level of expertise in the planning and design of municipal infrastructure projects. This unique capability allows us to expedite the preparation of grant and loan applications, while providing a higher level of quality control and understanding of the requirements for any project.


PEC provides a “one-stop shop,” Offering a variety of services:

·       “Big picture” infrastructure planning

·       Grant application/administration

·       Preliminary engineering reports/environmental documentation

·       ROW acquisition/relocation services

·       Final design

·       Advertising/bidding

·       Start-up and construction monitoring

PEC has extensive working knowledge and experience in the preparation of applications and grant administration for procuring funding for the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) program, DEQ SRF program, Hazard Mitigation Applications, Louisiana Recovery Authority, Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit, USDA Rural Development, Capital Outlay, DOTD Transportation Enhancement Program (formerly ISTEA), Louisiana Government Assistance Program (LGAP), and Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF).

PEC offers a knowledgeable team of professionals and associates who are available for multiple projects. We subscribe to a “cradle-to-grave” project management philosophy, which means that the project manager assigned to a particular government entity at a project’s onset remains assigned to that project through all stages of development.

PEC is fully committed to the quality and success of all our grant administration endeavors.



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