Who We Are...

A multi-discipline consulting firm, PEC serves a broad range of clients:

  • Parish/county, city, town, and village governments.

  • Local, state, and federal governmental agencies

  • Private clients, such as architects, developers, commercial entities, and industry.

Our comprehensive experience, coupled with the expertise and efficiency of our personnel, distinguishes PEC as the preeminent consulting, planning, and design firm in southern Louisiana and across the region.



What We Do...

Since 1969, PEC has offered expertise in all types of infrastructure planning and design

  • Civil

  • Sanitary

  • Structural

  • Transportation

  • Mechanical

  • Recreational

  • Environmental

  • Surveying

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Grant Acquisition and Administration

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition

  • Utility Relocation

  • Construction Oversight



Why We're Good at it...