Right-of-Way Acquisition and Relocation

PEC’s multi-disciplined approach allows us to organize a team of seasoned and varied specialists to meet the needs of any right-of-way, site acquisition, or relocation project.


We offer extensive experience in all areas of these projects:

·       Title research and curative work

·       Map/plan development

·       Appraisal/appraisal review preparation

·       Right-of-way acquisition and relocation negotiations

·       Property management services

·       Environmental assessment

·       Expropriation hearings


We understand the relevant federal and state laws and professional guidelines, and offer project managers who are familiar with a proposed project’s intent, creating a clear and comprehensive understanding of a project’s scope. Our engineering expertise enhances our construction-feasibility services. We also provide a GIS component that successfully merges collected GIS data with various landowner databases and mapping systems. In addition to our exceptional in-house staff expertise, we establish exclusive commitments from appraisers, environmental scientists, and other pertinent professionals to ensure fulfillment of any all-inclusive scope of services for ROW or site acquisition.

Several members of the team worked for more than six years on the Louisiana TIMED program, the single largest transportation project in state history. This experience developed our built-in efficiency, allowing us to offer an extremely cost-effective and responsive land services package.

Our approach begins with the recognition that while we are serving our client, we also must endeavor to establish credibility and trust with the landowners involved. We understand that negotiations are more efficient within a cooperative and site-knowledgeable environment.

In addition to meeting established schedules, PEC prioritizes the achievement of project goals to reduce total project cost—a goal we consistently achieved for the TIMED program. We coordinate tasks with the client’s PM or lead consultant to ensure consistent project objectives. We offer the expertise and experience to perform concurrent task orders while maintaining the highest quality work.

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