For more than 40 years, PEC has provided wastewater design services to small and large communities. As a public body infrastructure design specialist, PEC continuously prepares plans, specifications, and construction documents and cost estimates for “public bid.”


Our firm has worked in all wastewater project areas:

·      Wastewater treatment

·      Gravity and force main hydraulic design

·      Sewer rehabilitation

·      Routing and ROW investigations

·      Utility relocations

·      Local utilities coordination

·      Existing community impact

·      Master planning and cost effective analyses

·      Permit preparation

·      Key agency coordination (DOTD, DEQ, COE, & RRs).


Our professionals offer extensive experience in a variety of wastewater treatment and collection challenges:

·      Pump station planning and design

·      Gravity and force main lines design

·      ROW/utility relocation

·      Force main hydraulics operation

·      Pressurized network coordination

·      Wastewater treatment and collections studies and reports

Our expertise ensures the best design configuration and layout for any collection and treatment system.

Our treatment facility designs range from simple non-mechanical oxidation ponds to advanced tertiary treatment mechanical plants. Plants we have designed range in size from 5 thousand to 130 million gallons per day. In all cases, plants have consistently met final effluent limits. PEC has entered delayed and problematic sewer projects throughout Louisiana, bringing these to completion.

Our sewer rehabilitation designs for multiple Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems have involved main line Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection tape review and analysis, main line and service line smoke testing reports, and manhole inspections reports. Our rehabilitation projects have led to reductions of extraneous Infiltration and Inflow (I/I).

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