Water Distribution and Treatment

PEC has been involved in over 100 water improvement design projects across the south. These projects range from distribution systems to elevated and ground storage tanks and their pumping requirements. An infrastructure specialist, our firm designs and bids an average of 60 public works projects annually, with almost $60 million in construction costs. PEC is one of the state’s leading consultants in water system planning and design.

We understand the unique challenges of a community water system, having designed both surface water plants and ground water well systems for a variety of communities. Our design engineering experience prepares our team to investigate existing system conditions and design and construct any new system components efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our ongoing work load routinely includes in-house water distribution, treatment plant, water well and storage tank design, and construction projects. The majority of these projects require PEC’s total management, from project inception to final design and construction administration.


We are extensively experienced in all stages of water system improvements:

·       Planning

·       Study preparation

·       Design

·       Bidding

·       Construction supervision and administration

·       Grant administration


Within these stages, we offer particular expertise in these areas:

·       System feasibility studies

·       Water rate structure studies

·       Recommend operation and maintenance cost studies

·       Deep/shallow well construction

·       Ground storage tanks

·       Elevated water storage tanks

·       Pump sizing

·       Hydro-pneumatic air systems

·       On/off automatic operation controls

·       Disinfection

·       Chemical feed system development

·       Pressure and gravity filtration

·       Softener utilization

·       Backwash water disposal

·       Hydraulic computer modeling of the water system (KYPIPE)

·       Fire protection

·       Flushing and valve placement


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